Holly-Anne Rolfe

Artist and Illustrator

Hello! I am a freelance illustrator based in the UK and trained at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London. I enjoy creating images using pen, ink and watercolour.

My commercial commissions include watercolour and ink studies of nature, line drawings and surface pattern for textiles and stationery.

Much of my work is architecturally based, and I have drawn many houses of the rich, famous and many others through my website ‘Holly’s Houses’ where I also create bespoke rubber stamps made from the house drawings and other designs.

I have a passion for surface design and love using hand-painted and sketched illustrations with unusual and beautifully complementary collections of colours to create these. I also love experimenting with paper collage and photography and incorporating descriptive passages into my images as I have always been driven to capture beautiful things not only in the hand-sketched line but also the written word.

Throughout my many travels a sketchbook has been my constant companion for capturing the scene in pen, wash and word. I find inspiration everywhere, usually whilst out walking in the woods or through compelling, historical London. I love travelling and visiting interesting places and wherever I see beautiful things I want to capture them so I will never forget their fascination and intrigue.

I’ve also got 13 years’ experience working across design, product development, licensing and project management for high-end design, retail and fashion brands and have also worked in arts education and editorial in London.

Thanks for looking and do get in touch if you have any ideas or a project you’d like to discuss.

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