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1. Coming down from Tibet

I really like to sketch on unusual paper and so running out of room in my sketch book I immediately reached for this writing paper taken from a hotel during a recent stay in Tibet.
The script and old-fashioned feel of the stationery really adds to the composition and the feel of the final drawing. Sketches evoke so many memories for me, many more than a photograph can, of where I was sitting, what the weather was like and who I was with. The was hastily sketched on a quick pit stop jolted and battered from a bumpy minibus journey on a stone road descending into the lush Himalayan foothills in Nepal from Tibet, the ‘rooftop of the world’.






2. Duomo di Monreale
Monreale, Sicily, Italy

This was drawn in about 15 minutes on a hot, dusty day in the middle of a sweltering Sicilian August; the golden-hued stone of the cathedral baking in the sun as I sat with a friend in the shade of a nearby wall in the middle of the town, the air temperature quickly stealing any moisture away from our brush ends as we painted. The simple yellow wash and the bright blue hue of an Italian summer sky is the perfect colour combination: simple and beautiful.







3. Bakong, Cambodia

This great temple complex was of course a great city of worship thousands of years ago. Here Imade friends with many orange-clad Buddhist monks and a chatty Canadian visitor. The sandy ground was strewn with bright bougainvillaea petals from a nearby tree so I had to pick one up and keep it in my sketch book; it quickly became an integral part of the composition along with my usual notes and scribbles.








4. Thira, Santorini

The patterns created by this celebrated, romantic roof-scape is what captured my imagination here; what looks like ‘simple’ blocks and shapes create a 3-dimensional jigsaw of dwellings in the lightest whitewashed tones, with the occasional interspersed bright blue, teal or terracotta roof or railing, against the backdrop of that deep blue Mediterranean blue.

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